Holiday in Negombo will give you both multiple pleasure and value. The facilities for swimming, snorkeling, driving, wind surfing, deep sea fishing and senba diving.The Negombo lagoon, the sea, the scenic beaches and a large polyglot community inflects the essence of the ultimate Sri Lanka holiday experience.The Dutch canal crossing the heart of Negombo is ideal for making a boat trip. The Dutch canal is the boat house for many thousand fishing boats.Ornate Buddhist temples, Hindus Shrines, Christians churches and Muslims mosque testify to the spiritual harmony of a cosmopolitan community speak all the three languages English, Sinhala and Tamil.You can arrive Negombo just in 20 minutes drive from the Katunayake International air Port. You can find accommodation according to your budget. The facilities range from up market exclusive Sri Lanka Boutique Hotels and five star resorts to cheap guest louses.If you are a loner of Sea food, you have arrived at a right place. The ocean and the lagoon provide the delicious and the Negombo fish market has no equal to any fish market in Sri Lanka.The people of Negombo belong to several castes and communities who are accisnated to the cultural cross roads they happen be in.

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